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Looking Toward the Future

A company’s purpose defines its role in the world, and companies that stay true to their purpose generally outperform those that do not. Looking ahead, Pfizer is committed to pushing forward its purpose – Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives – by putting even more breakthroughs in patients’ hands and more value in the hands of other stakeholders. Pfizer’s CEO has laid out a Purpose Blueprint – a strategy consisting of bold moves and core values that we believe will allow Pfizer’s 70,000 colleagues to deliver on the promise of its purpose and unlock the power of its science.

  • Unleash the Power of Our People: We have built an inclusive, diverse work environment that recognizes and rewards both performance and leadership and empowers all colleagues to bring their best selves to work for the benefit of all patients.
  • Deliver First-In-Class Science: We are advancing new mechanisms and technologies such as gene therapy and RNA platforms to help ensure that we are bringing forward only our most promising, innovative, and transformational science, with a focus on getting medicines to patients as quickly as possible.
  • Transform Our Go-To-Market Model: To deliver these potential new medicines to patients, Pfizer is transforming its go-to-market model, exploring new, flexible payment approaches such as value-based agreements and driving health equity through improved access to care and product affordability of medicines and vaccines for those who can’t afford them.
  • Win the Digital Race in Pharma: Pfizer is leveraging digital technologies including analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and engagement tools that enable better patient outcomes and improve patient reach and experience for all, as well as capabilities that speed up drug discovery and development and digital services that empower our colleagues and drive operational efficiencies, while maintaining our steadfast commitment to product safety and effectiveness.
  • Lead the Conversation: To ensure a sustainable health ecosystem Pfizer is leading the conversation to support pro-innovation policies that allow science to flourish while striving to ensure patient access to the latest breakthroughs and reinforcing our commitment to patient-centricity and the environment.    
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